Kids and Parents Learning the Lessons of Entrepreneurship

The world has changed. The diminishing cost of technology and the proliferation of the Internet has connected us all with products, services and each other... in ways that have surprised us all. This ubiquitous connectivity has created opportunities for just about anyone to build, market and sell just about anything from just about anywhere, creating a new wild west of entrepreneurship. There's no age requirement for participating in this new world of opportunity and in many cases youth is a distinct advantage. More to the point, the skills and experiences of entrepreneurship provide young people with a distinct advantage in their life's journey, regardless of whether they become millionaire startup founders.


Building a company is hard, even for adults, and requires patience, perseverance and hard work to be successful. In a world where we all are conditioned to expect instant gratification, practicing entrepreneurship teaches the patience necessary to succeed at any endeavor. Academics, sports, career, relationships... developing our capacity for practicing patience and understanding the power of delayed gratifications equips us to accel in just about anything.


Entrepreneurship is a multidisciplinary adventure. The skills required to design and build a product, launch a web site, talk to customers, source raw materials, negotiate prices... and a hundred other things. Organizational skills, planning, public speaking, interpersonal communications, legal concepts, technical, design, accounting, math... the list goes on. No matter what path a young person ultimately takes, entrepreneurship provides a unique opportunity to learn through exposure and practice of so many skills.


The experiences of entrepreneurship fortify confidence and our understanding of how the world works. How things are made, marketed and sold. What motivates our decisions to buy. The impact those decisions have on the environment and the people who live in it. These lessons and many more help shape the world of young entrepreneurs. And for the parents who have the opportunity to share in these lessons with their children, the shared experience can build memories that create strong bonds.